Monday, January 31, 2011

Hubpages Review

There are many websites that accept original articles. One of them is Hubpages. Even though it is not as popular as Helium, Associated Content and Triond, Hubpages is gaining interest among writers who wants to get paid for their articles.
Here’s how it works. Hubpages is a website which allows you to publish your article on their website and generate income from Adsense, eBay and Amazon ads displayed on your article pages. You need to have your ID and record them in Hubpages.

I recently wrote an article and publish it with Hubpages to try out the system. It was published immediately. did not do anything to promote the article since it was published except for submitting it to StumbleUpon. Initially, I was quite disappointed with the minimal number of page views my article has generated. But, recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my Adsense account to find that the article has generated some money.
I guess Hubpages works to generate some income for me. So, if you have articles that has not been published and has been rejected by other sites, why not give Hubpages a try. You might be in for a surprise!
Rating: 9

Sunday, January 23, 2011